February 2024 – Leadenhall Market

Calling all urban sketchers and history buffs! On Saturday, February 17th, Urban Sketchers London plunges into the vibrant heart of Leadenhall Market. Forget predictable streetscapes – here, time-worn arcades whisper tales of medieval merchants, while modern shops add a splash of contemporary color. Prepare to capture the soul of this iconic London landmark, one delicious detail at a time.

Leadenhall Market: A Canvas Steeped in History and Bustle

Leadenhall Market is more than just a market; it’s a living, breathing testament to centuries of London life. From its 14th-century roots to its Victorian makeover, its walls echo with the stories of traders, shoppers, and even Harry Potter himself (remember Diagon Alley?). Wander beneath the ornate stained-glass roof, soak in the buzz of bustling crowds, and discover hidden corners brimming with charm. This sketchwalk is an invitation to step back in time and capture the essence of a market like no other.

  • 11 AM: Gather inside the market by the Lamb Tavern. Sasala Wickramasinghe and Olga Mackness, our expert hosts, will greet you and share fascinating insights into the market’s rich history and architectural quirks.
  • 1 PM: Meet back by the Lamb Tavern for a “throwdown” – a chance to share your diverse artistic interpretations, swap stories, and learn from each other’s unique perspectives. Let your sketches spark a conversation.
  • 3.30 PM: Encore throwdown! Gather one last time to admire each other’s work and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the market before wrapping up. Capture the final impressions of this historical gem in your sketchbook.
  • Afterwards: Join Sasala and Olga for refreshments and continued sketching at the Lamb Tavern, a historic pub nestled within the market’s heart. Let your pens flow in the convivial atmosphere of a pub with a story of its own.

Where to Capture Leadenhall’s Enchantment:

  • The Arcade: Lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleyways, sketching the intricate ironwork balconies, the quirky shopfronts adorned with vintage signage, and the sunbeams filtering through the skylights.
  • The Central Plaza: Stand beneath the iconic glass roof, capturing the energy of shoppers mingling around ornate fountains and bustling food stalls. Sketch the towering clock tower, the cheerful flower displays, or the street performers adding a touch of magic to the air.
  • Hidden Corners: Seek out the market’s secret nooks and crannies. Sketch the charming courtyard tucked away behind the cheesemongers, the antique bookshop overflowing with hidden treasures, or the quiet corners perfect for capturing a moment of peace amidst the bustle.
  • Architectural Details: Keep an eye out for Leadenhall’s hidden gems – ornate lampposts, weathered cobblestones, or carvings telling stories of the market’s past. Let your pencil translate these details into your own artistic narrative.
Leadenhall Market. Sketch by Si Newell

Getting There:

Leadenhall Market. Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT (what3words: ///glad.pint.media) – Nearest London Underground stations: Liverpool Street (10 min walk), Bank (6 min walk), Monument (5 min walk).


Most of the listed facilities are closed on weekends. https://www.toiletmap.org.uk/ – The Lamb Tavern is open from 12pm or it’s a 10 minute walk to Liverpool Street station for public and fully accessible facilities.

Health and Safety:

As always, your well-being is our priority. Please stay home if you’re feeling unwell, maintain personal space, and practice good hand hygiene. We look forward to sketching with you!