About us

In a city that’s constantly moving and changing, London urban sketchers pause to capture its beauty, one sketch at a time.

Sketch by Lis Watkins. A View From The 32nd Floor

In 2012, a group of sketchers gathered in a London pub, sketchbooks in hand, inspired by the global Urban Sketchers movement, and launched the Urban Sketchers London chapter.

From iconic landmarks to hidden corners, we’ve sketched London’s soul—the gritty beauty of its markets, the hushed reverence of its museums, the lively chatter of its pubs. We’ve captured the city’s resilience during Covid lockdowns and the passion of climate change protests, weaving the stories of its people into every line.

Our sketches aren’t just about architecture; they’re about connections. Passersby become storytellers, sharing memories and insights that enrich the art with a human touch. It’s art born of community, where friendships blossom over shared sketchbooks and London reveals its secrets one sketch at a time.

Our recent book, London by Urban Sketchers is a breathtaking collection of ten years of urban sketching in London. It’s a love letter to London’s ever-changing view. It celebrates not just iconic landmarks but the quiet moments and the faces in the crowd. 

As Urban Sketchers London embraces its second decade, the city awaits fresh stories to be drawn, new faces to join pages, and unexplored corners to be immortalized in ink. 

We’re the artists who capture London’s heartbeat, one sketch at a time. That’s what we’re all about! We spread the love of on-location sketching, inspiring people to connect with their surroundings and each other through art.

Sketch by James Hobbs. Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London