Your First Sketchwalk

Trafalgar square. Sketch by Isabel Carmona

Ready for your first sketch walk?

Ever dreamt of sketching the city live, capturing its bustling energy and hidden corners in ink? Urban Sketchers London invites you to ditch the screen and join a world where lines dance on paper and stories unfold with every stroke. No experience needed, just curiosity and a willingness to explore!

Being Part of a Group

Mike Whalley writes: “Sit down with a sketchpad and a pencil and before long there is someone at your shoulder passing comment. Or not. That feels like the severest criticism, but probably not. It is easy to feel a bit exposed and awkward.
Supportive, helpful and constructive discussion with other sketchers really helps develop confidence. At the end of each drawing session we have what we call a throw down, when all the sketchers lay out their drawings on a convenient surface, usually the ground, but steps and low walls provide a better vantage. You could be shy in a situation like this, however, the quantity of work provides anonymity, and passing comments are generally complimentary or inquisitive about technique, location and method.” Continue reading here.

Here’s what to expect at your first sketchcrawl:

  • Free:  Urban Sketchers is all about community. No registration is required and completely free to attend. Just grab your art supplies and head to the meeting point.
  • Pack Light: A sketchbook, your trusty tools, and maybe a foldable stool. That’s it! London is your canvas, so keep it light and flexible.
  • Get inspired: The main rule is that you draw London on location from direct observation. Forget tutorials and critiques. Urban Sketchers is about personal expression and enjoying the process. Don’t worry about skill level, just let the city guide your lines and embrace the happy accidents.
  • 11 am meet up: Arrive at 11 am to meet the friendly crew and fellow sketchers. Get the lowdown on the location, share supplies if needed, and soak up the infectious enthusiasm.
  • Sharing the Sketches: gather back at the starting point before 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm for the “throwdown.” This isn’t a scary critique session, but a celebration! Share your sketches, swap stories, and revel in the diverse perspectives captured. The air buzzes with positive vibes and encouragement, a true testament to the supportive spirit of Urban Sketchers.
  • Group Photo & Beyond: Capture the moment with a group photo, proudly holding your day’s creations. If the artistic spark still burns, grab a drink with the crew and continue sketching in a relaxed pub setting.
  • Share Your Story: Let the world see London through your eyes! Post your sketches on Instagram with #urbansketcherslondon for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account @urbansketcherslondon
  • Join the “Urban Sketchers London” Facebook group to share your work and connect with fellow sketchers.

It’s that simple! Urban Sketchers isn’t just about drawing, it’s about connecting with the city and its people, one line at a time. So, ditch the doubts, grab your sketchbook, and join us. London’s waiting to be captured, and your unique perspective is just the missing piece.

See you there!

P.S. Feel free to ask questions, borrow supplies, or seek advice from the friendly crew. They’re always happy to help make your first sketch walk a memorable one.